Please pray for Nepal and Myanmar

Please pray for Nepal and Myanmar

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I. From Nepal aug 13

A letter from our pointman Dil in Nepal.

Dr. Goh,
Thank you for your patience in hearing from me. It has been 7 years now, ever since the Constituent Assembly was formed for 2 year tenure, and extended many times, and got re-elected too. People have been really impatient to get the new constitution and have contradicting demands. One of the hardest decisions was on the number of the States, and the religious status. The first draft is about to be released and the Hindus did not like it, as Nepal as a Hindu nation was not written in it. They have become violent, and wild now. The Tharu people want two separate states for them in the southern Nepal. There is differed demand from the Midwest Nepal including Surkhet. Therefore, there was curfew imposed yesterday and the day before yesterday. When people violate the curfew laws, the police had to fire and 3 exhibitors lost lives and many got injured. Southern Farwest Nepal is under strike for the last 8 days and still continuing.

The Constituent Assembly wants to promulgate the new constitution by the 15th of Aug, but we are not so sure, due to the protests against the decision on these two issues.
Appreciating your prayers, Dil.

Please continue to pray for Nepal with the earthquake and now the political situation. Lord Jesus, have mercy upon the 29 million people.

Dil Bahadur Tamang
Himalayan Bible Study Academy (Govt Reg. 1331)
Kathmandu, Nepal.
Mobile :00977-9851041719/9801041719

"... that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again." (II Cor. 5:15)
II. Myanmar

Do also pray for Myanmar and the flood. 12 out of 14 states and regions flooded. A good number died and a million displaced. God, please have mercy on 60 million people. Lots of daily necessities needed.

Our pointman there is Rev. James Biak Liat, pastor and president of a fellowship of 30+ churches. He resides in Mandalay and is in right place to help the people in Sagaing Region and Chin State. Right now he is in the Sagaing Region to bring aid. Please pray and let us see what God will have us to do.

Also please pray for the political transition and the election on November 8.

May God bless Myanmar.