Rev. Goh Seng Fong Sermon Collections

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Attitude Formation Seminar May 2017

Attitude Formation

Attitude of Christ_GSF

Attitude on Top_Eng-Chi

Attitude that Sags

Ambushes Of Servanthood

Abounding Love

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Breaking the Fallow Ground

Building Souls in the Community

.. C ..

Cleansing of the Temple(English/Chinese)

Caleb the Overcomer(English/Chinese)


Cast your Bread(English/Chinese)

Call Of Moses

Caring For Others

Carry the Cross

Crucify Him

.. D ..

Doubling Thomas

Depart To The Other Side

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.. F ..

Four Little Things

Fresh Start

Fruit of the Spirit in the Community

for Forgiveness

Foundational Truths

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Great Feast

.. H ..

How Well Am I Hearing(English/Chinese)

Heart of God

Holy Spirit In Witnessing

.. I ..

It is Finished

 I Thirst


Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord

.. J ..

 Jesus' Love

Joy of The Lord

Joy Keepers

Joy of the Lord

.. K ..

King Asa

.. L ..

Little But Faithful(English/Chinese)

Love Abounding with Knowledge

Lost Love

.. M ..

My Times Is In Thy Hand

Make Me a Blessing

Make No Room for the Devil

My Time Is in Thy Hand(English/Chinese)

.. N ..

Nails of Jesus

Need For Forgiveness

New Year Challenge

.. O ..

.. P ..

Pass Me Not, O Gentle savior

Potter's Hand

Portrait of God as the Father 1 of 2

Portrait of God as the Father 2 of 2

Patience of Job

Principles Of Attitude Formation(English/Chinese)

Person God Uses

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.. R ..

.. S ..

Stumbling the Brethren

Spiritual Blahs

Servant's Training

Stress to Distress

.. T ..

The Blessed Man(English/Chinese)

 The Life Sentence

The Potter & The Clay

The Prodigal Son's 1 of 2

The Prodigal Brother 2 of 2

Troubled Hearts

Trust & Obey

The Shepherd's Cross

True Riches

The Joy Of Winning Souls

Test Of Wilderness

The Gift of All Gifts

The Mind of Christ_GSF

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.. W ..

Waiting upon the Lord

Ways to God's Life

Word of Forgiveness

Word of Salvation

What is Life

What Is Life(English/Chinese)

Why Attitude Sags(English/Chinese)

Was Blind But Now I See

What It Means To Be A World Christian

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